Windows “Workstation” service not starting up? read this

At one point in time, I wasn’t able to RDP into a windows host. Despite using the correct credentials, I was greeted with the following error: “Unable to obtain Terminal Server User Configuration”.

I had to physically access the machine and look into the Event Viewer for hints, but not much could be found there.

Next stop: services.msc — this showed that the “Workstation” service is stopped. Starting it up failed.

As a matter of fact, several services that depend on the aforementioned one failed to start (obviously).

Long story short, the following sorted out the issue, but I do not claim it’s a trick that would always work:

  • I opened the registry editor (regedit.exe)
  • Browsed to:
    • SYSTEM
    • CurrentControlSet
    • Services
    • lanmanworkstation (not lanmanserver)
  • Deleted the following keys:
    • DependOnService
    • DependOnGroup
  • Restarted

While this did the trick, manually interfering with service dependencies is not always a good diea.


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